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9:00 AM – 3:00 PM PST

Monday to Friday

Got a Letter?

Did you receive a letter from Business Radio Licensing? We value our customers, and want to make sure you are informed of important changes that affect your FCC license. You may have received a letter from us if your license needs updates or changes to comply with current FCC regulations.

On your letter, look for the heading underneath Business Radio Licensing to figure out which letter you received. Then, look below for the section explaining that letter.

Your FCC license comes up for renewal every 10 years. You are now within the 9th year and can begin setting up the renewal process. We are notifying you of this upcoming renewal as a reminder and offering our services to handle the the filing of the application.

Business Radio Licensing makes the process as easy as possible for you. We simply need your signature and payment of fees and we do the rest.

Our processing fee is $95 to file a renewal application. If you are a non-government entity you will will be billed for your FCC fee depending on the type of frequency and license you have. See the FCC fee schedule for details.

Additional fees may be due if modifications are requested at the time of renewal and/or compliance requirements are needed.

Renew now

This letter is a simple review of your license. Your FCC license is issued for 10 years. During that time frame how you operate your frequencies may change.

The FCC requires that you always maintain current information on your license. Our letter is a reminder to look things over and make sure that all your information is up to date and current.

If changes need to made, you can denote them on the notice and send them in with the $120 application fee or submit our online worksheet. Additional fees may become due if the changes you are requesting are considered major modifications.

If you have no changes and everything is in compliance, you may disregard the notice.

Construction coverage filings are for licensees who have recently obtained new frequencies. For most licenses, when you obtain new frequencies you are given 1 year from the date the application grants to file an application (Schedule K). This application will notify the FCC that you have put the frequencies into use.

File Construction/Coverage

The FCC required most VHF and UHF users to switch over to narrowband emissions by January 1, 2013. If you have not done so, this is required.

In addition, many licenses still contain wideband emission designators. The FCC now requires you to remove the wideband emissions from your license.

The narrowband compliance notice will either be in regards to adding narrowband emissions to your FCC license, or removing wideband emissions from your license.

If your license needs a narrowbanding application, fill in the contact information requested on the notice and send in with the $120 application fee or submit our online administrative update worksheet.

Learn more about narrowband compliance from the FCC